Ecole de Bushcraft is based in Brittany, France and promotes high quality training in Bushcraft, Wilderness survival skills and Nature awareness for all ages.



We teach skills well known to our ancient predecessors, many of which are still practiced today, however more are being lost.


Ecole de Bushcraft is different from other bushcraft companies in UK or France, as clients have the opportunity to learn skills relevant to a variety of environments – woodland, moorland and sea (UK method with french touch).


Our courses also complement a variety of outdoor activities, as they provide key survival and navigational techniques that would benefit anyone spending time in a diverse wilderness environment.


Regardless of whether you are an individual, group or family, courses are available to all.



Bushcraft® or Survival courses ?



Bushcraft is about surviving and thriving in the natural environment, and the acquisition of key skills and knowledge to do so.

Bushcraft and Survival are two distinctly different disciplines, but have “similarities and cross overs”.


“Survival is essentially finding yourself in a situation and trying to get yourself out of it, Bushcraft is about purposefully putting yourself in a situation and trying to stay there.” Neil - Backcountry Survival - chief instructor


A short interview Neil did recently for a blogging website on the differences between Bushcraft and the need for Survival training


However both Bushcraft and Survival as subjects are a testament to mans ingenuity and rightful place in the natural world. Whether you wish to learn about Wilderness living or emergency procedures for when things go wrong – look no further.